2015. augusztus 12., szerda

The Engagement of Instagram Towards Our Social Life

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing the social network. It was introduced in 2010, but as of September 2012, Instagram had 100 million registered users. This application uses the technology offered by the mobile phones, which is the fastest growing social network.

For instance, users receive the highest level of engagements from friends in view of the fact that it makes easier to share pictures with the world.

This application allows uploading, adding digital filters as well as posting pictures on the Instagram feed of users. How do you buy followers on Instagram? Instagram can be connected with Facebook, Twitter, email account, foursquare just to name but a few.


In order to use Instagram, users require a smartphone. Currently, Instagram transformed from being a smartphone based application to a website so that users could start showing off their pictures on the web.

Therefore, Instagram is a fantastic way to give followers an insight into life through photos across the seasons of special events.